Technical Writing

Robert W. Oliver II Technical Writer

I Have 25 Years of Technical Writing Experience with Over 100 Articles in Leading Publications and Multiple Published Novels

I’ve been featured in leading technical blogs, journals, and publications.

Sourcerer Blog

Turning Bugs into Gems: Debugging Ruby Applications

Featured GitHub Repository: MS-DOS

Build Another Website, This Time in C

Apache is Still the Best General-Purpose Web Server

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A Distributed File Sync in Ruby

Building a Website in C++

A Bit is a Terrible Thing to Waste

640k Really is Enough for Everyone

Making Vim Great Again

Writing a Simple Kernel Module

A Quantum Leap for Firefox

Linux Hint

Debian AppArmor Tutorial

What is a Linux System Call?

Running Your Own Production Email Server

GPU Programming with C++

GPU Programming with Python

Debian Static IP Configuration

OProfile Tutorial

Linux Journal

Lighttpd Can Lighten Apache’s Load

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