Robert W. Oliver II PictureWriting about yourself is one of the hardest things to do. this page is no exception to that rule.

I’ve been writing from the moment I got my first typewriter.  I suppose that dates me, but I vividly remember pecking away at an old manual typewriter as a kid in the 1980’s at my grandfather’s store.  Eventually I moved on to a “portable” electronic word processor, a computer of sorts that allowed you to type and edit entire documents before printing.  You could even choose the font!  I published a weekly newspaper for my school and wrote quite a few short stories.

Eventually in my teenage years I got a computer and my attention diverted to programming computer games.  It is still a form of writing, I suppose, but with a different outcome in mind.  I wanted the player to become immersed in a world I created.  My interests shifted again to web page development and soon I was writing page content for both personal and business sites.

After years of developing websites I began to long to write again, so my early attempts at reviving my artistic passion were focused on technical journals.  After publishing some articles in IT journals the desire to write a story emerged again.  I began tinkering with ideas in the late years the 2000’s and started writing my first novel, The Bravest of Souls, in 2011.  I finished it two years later, publishing in 2013.

I learned a lot while writing my first book.  Throughout the process I explored different pacing options and eventually hit a grove that felt right.  I had always planned for the first book to have a sequel, so a few months after its release I began writing Rebirth. During this process my grandmother died.  It was a difficult time but the imaginary world I had created not only helped me grieve but also let me explore the themes that dominated my family’s life at that time: making the most of the time you have left, sacrifice, and preparing for the transition to the next life.

After Rebirth was released in early 2014 I began writing the final book of the series, Faith. Writing that novel was technically easy but emotionally difficult as it was hard to leave a world that I had put so much effort into creating.  Based on reader feedback from the trilogy I am delighted that others found a home in the Jeweled Woods and fell in love with the characters from the series as much as I did.

I’m about to release a new novel titled Dragonfly. It will be a stand alone title – a historical fiction piece featuring a supernatural / fantasy take on a very pivotal moment in American history – the migration westward via the Oregon Trail.  I plan to release it in the winter of 2017/2018.

I’m also the CEO of OCS Solutions, a web hosting, design, and IT consulting company that has been in business for 20 years. I’ve been published in trade publications, have authored numerous blogs, developed hundreds of thousands of lines of code, and administered tens of thousands of servers and virtual dedicated servers over the course of my career.  I’m an expert server administrator with almost 20 years of experience with Linux and Windows desktops and servers. If you wish to hire me, please visit OCS Solutions.

I strive for compassion and openness in all that I do. I actively want to make the world a better place, and I work wherever I can to do that.